Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Option of Spellcasting in Fantasy Kingdoms

As new options continue to appear regularly whenever I access Fantasy Kingdoms, it is evident that the creators are lavishing attention and love on this game. Rather to my delight, a new background 'Map' appeared behind the Kingdom screen this morning. A new Spellcasting Option had been added, allowing a player to craft an expansion to storage using three items. Two of the items are Free Gifts introduced only today. The third is a Magic Coin that will be sent to you by Harmony, your default Neighbour and the Guardian of the universe in which your Kingdom is placed.
You need only 1 Coin to perform the Spell, but you will need 15 Copper Ore and 15 Blue Dragon Scales.

As two of the three items can be obtained only as Free Gifts, you should try to persuade at least one member of Facebook to become your Neighbour in Fantasy Kingdoms. The game itself has a page on Facebook where Contests and new Items are announced and where players can request other players to become their Neighbours.

The Option to expand your Storage may or may not be thrilling, depending on the length of time that you have played Fantasy Kingdoms, but I suspect it is simply the first volley in a wonderful ongoing magical experiment.

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