Fantasy Kingdoms Quest List 2011

The following is the list of Quests that will appear on the left side of a player's screen. These Quests must be completed and do not appear to be time-restricted, unlike the Valentine Quests in February. If you do not complete the Quests, you will be unable to access any new Quests that are created.

With respect to the Valentine Quests, it was necessary only to complete the list through the 'Ring Them Bells' Quest in order to be able to access them. With respect to the March Quests, however, it may be necessary to complete ALL the Quests before they will appear.

The order in which these Quests appear may vary a little depending on a player's completion of existing Quests.

Chicken or the Egg
Time to let out the Chickens... or the Eggs?
Plant 10 Chickens and Hens, (Cost: 30 Mana x 10, total of 300 Mana)
Gather 10 Chickens and Hens
Reward: 300 Mana, 15 XP
Perfect! Your cats are extremely pleased! Let's move on to another Quest!

Earn some Mana
Harvest 4 Fresia (Cost 10 Mana x 4, total 40 Mana, Yield is 140 Mana)
Reward: 100 Mana, 5 XP

Prepare the Land
Plant 4 Cattail crops (Cost: 15 Mana x 4, total 60 Mana, Yield of 630 Mana) Reward: 100 Mana, 10 XP
Great job! You have Planted your first Cattail Crops! Come back tomorrow to Gather them!

Looking Foxy:
Plant 10 Foxglove Ferns, Gather 10 Foxglove Ferns
Reward: 150 Mana, 10 XP
Oh! How beautiful, and lots of Mana too! I have the perfect beauty quest for you now, take a look!
Looking good, but let's make it sizzle! Time for some Foxglove Ferns!

In the Forest
Trees earn Mana and never Bewitch!
Gather Mana from 3 Trees!
Plant a Rowan Tree!
Reward: 100 Mana, 25 XP
You've gathered Mana from magical Trees! Would you like to share 100 Mana with your Friends to celebrate?

Build a Kingdom!
Make yourself at home and put that hard-earned Mana to use!
Buy a Country House!
Reward: 2 Dryad Trees, 2 Silver Leaf Trees
Your kingdom is shaping up nicely. Share Mana to celebrate your new look!
(As these Trees are retired from the Gift List, this Reward is a nice one, despite the fact that many players have more Country Houses than they need)

Kingdom Beauty
Place the Silverleaf Tree and Dryad Tree located in your Gift Box (Blue Chest)
Reward: 1 Country Tower, 15 XP
Your Kingdom's splendour is increasing! Let your friends know abou tit!

Plant a Garden:
Buy 5 Star Flowers
Plant 5 Spider Flowers
Buy 3 Wild Grass
Reward: 3 Blue Moonflowers, 15 XP
Your garden is Beautiful! Here are some more flowers to decorate
(Blue Moonflowers cannot be found in the Marketplace but are random Items from Mystery Gifts, Holiday Gifts and so on.)

Cyclamen cycle
Plant 10 and harvest 10 Cyclamen
Reward: 250 Mana, 15 XP

Test Your Magic
Infuse 4 tiles
Plant 4 Catnip Crops, Gather 4 Catnip Crops
Reward: 5 Mana 25 XP

The Magic Time
Plant 10 Chicken and Hen Crops
Reward: 75 Mana, 10 XP
Great work! Gather those Crops tomorrow to bring in more Mana!

Visit Harmony
Reward: 75 Mana, 10 XP

Magic the Gathering
Earn Mana and XP by Gathering Trees and Crops
Gather 10 Magic Crops
Gather 5 Trees
Reward: 25 Mana, 10 XP

The Courtyard
Make your Castle a fortress with Country Walls
Buy 3 Country Walls
Buy 1 Country Entrance
Reward: 2 Wooden Lights, 10 XP
How beautiful! Now's the perfect time to check out the other Castle Sets in the Market!

Ring them Bells
Plant 10 Belladonna
Gather 10 Belladonna
Reward: 125 Mana, 10 XP
Just amazing! Your Belladonna really rings true with magic! Let's continue on with more creations!

Wetlands Ahoy:
Buy 2 Water Plants
Buy 2 Water Plants I
Reward: 250 Mana, 15 XP

Create a pathway
Buy 5 Stone Path
Buy 2 Stone Path Corner I
Buy 1 Stone Path Crossing
Reward: 2 Stone Benches, 15 XP
Paths rotate and connect together so you can build them just for your Kingdom!

Barrels of Fun
Buy Barrels from the Market to decorate your Kingdom
Buy 2 Closed Barrels
Buy 2 Opened Barrels
Reward: 1 Wooden Cart, 5 XP

Enchanted Forest
Build up your Forest and earn more Mana!
Plant 1 Rowan Tree
Plant 1 Ash Tree
Reward: 1 Red Rowan Tree, 10 XP
Your forest is quite enchanting! Let your friends know so they can visit your kingdom!

Here Kitty Kitty
Plant Catnip to make Mana - fast!
Plant 5 Catnip and harvest 5 Catnip
Reward: 1 Blue Cat, 10 XP
(The Blue Cat is retired from the Gift List and therefore is a nice Reward)
Congratulations! You now have your first Creature. Find it in your Gift Box.

Lucky Dog:
Plant a Dogwood Tree on your Kingdom!
Buy 1 Dogwood Tree
Reward: 250 Mana, 5 XP
Harmony is pleased with your progress! Share 100 Mana with your firends!

Kitty Patrol:
Your Cats have become restless! Provide them magic quickly!
Plant 15 Catnip
Gather 15 Catnip
350 Mana 15 XP
Catnip is a very quick growing Crop... Perfect for impatient kitties!

Paint a Landscape
With so much beauty around it's hard not not to paint!
Plant 10 Indian Paintbrushes
Gather 10 Indian Paintbushes
Reward: 300 Mana, 10 XP
What a beautiful landscape you created! Let's continue with another beautification quest!

Cat Company
Plant more Cattails! They will be ready to Gather tomorrow!
Plant 7 Cattail Crops
Gather 7 Cattail Crops
Reward: 300 Mana, 15 XP
Nice work! Your magical skills are improving! Share some Mana with your Friends!

Extra Eyes
Plant 10 Eye of Newt Crops on your Kingdom!
Plant 10 Eye of Newt Crops
Gather 10 Eye of Newt Crops
Reward: 25 Mana, 10 XP
Great job bringing in that Mana! Share a 100 Mana Bonus with your Friends!

Golden Opportunity
Golden Leaf Trees add a royal touch to your kingdom!
Plant 5 Golden Leaf Trees
Reward: 1 Silver Leaf Tree, 15 XP
You've come a long way, enchanter! Tell your friends about your success!

Forest Gathering
Gather Mana from your Trees
Gather from any 3 Trees
Reward: 75 Mana, 5 XP
Gather your Trees often for an extra Mana Bonus!

To the Clouds!
Your magic abilities are soaring! Let's take it to the clouds!
Plant and gather 10 Magic Beans
Reward: 25 Mana, 25 XP
You made it to the clouds! I think you're ready for even more magic!

Well, well, well!
Time to add a water feature to your Kingdom!
Buy 1 Stone Well
Buy 1 Small Pond
Reward 1 Stone Well, 20 XP
Your Pond and Stone Well look great. Share a Bonus to tell your friends about it!

Wetlands Ahoy!
Buy 2 Water Plants I
Buy 2 Water Plants II
Reward: 250 Mana, 15 XP
Good job! Would you like to share a 100 Mana Bonus with your Friends?

Need a Refill
The Weeping Willows actually 'weep' when fully grown!
Buy 3 Weeping Willow Trees
Reward: 50 Mana, 15 XP
Remember to Gather your Trees often for Mana! Share a Bonus with Friends!

Streams from the Market connect together!
Buy 4 Stream Straights
Buy 3 Stream corners
Buy 1 Stream End
Reward: 25 Mana, 20 XP
Did you know you can rotate stream pieces to make a beautiful Stream across your Kingdom?

Something's Fishy
Plant and gather 10 Fishtail Ferns
Reward: 25 Mana, 10 XP
Be sure to check out the other Crops available to gather for Mana!

Light it Up:
Buy 3 Stone Light Posts (Cost is 1350 Mana each)
Reward: 25 Mana, 15 XP

Build Path Walls
Your paths need walls for safety. Find them in the Market!
Buy 4 Stone Walls
Buy 1 Stone Gate
(Cost of 4 Stone Walls is 600 Mana x 4, total 2400 Mana; Cost of 1 Stone Gate is 800 Mana)
Reward: 1 Stone Gate, 15 XP
Great work! Your Gates can be opened and closed by clicking and selecting 'Activate' from the menu!

Look Out!
Your Kingdom needs a look-out tower!
Buy 1 Country Tower
Reward: 1 Country Turret; 30 XP
Your (sp.!) seeing far into the horizon now! A few more touches could really enhance your Kingdom.

At this point, the Quests become rather expensive:

Complete the Castle
Your Kindgom (sp.) needs a Castle!
Buy 1 Country Castle!
Buy 1 Country Castle immediately from the Marketplace: (Cost is 25,000 Mana or 10 KC (What if the player does not HAVE 25,000 Mana or 10 KC at this point???)

Take That Hill
There is new magic in you. Buy a Fantasy Hill to begin new beauty!
Buy 1 Fantasy Hill - Small
HINT: Anything can be placed on top of a Fantasy HIll, making it easy to add depth to your Kingdom!
Reward: 2 Small Hedges, 15 XP
The Fantasy Hill is a great staging ground. Let's see what other magic we can add to it!

The Grassy Knoll: The hill is alive with the sound of magic. Buy Wild Grass and Wild Plants. Buy 3 Wild Grass, Buy 1 Large Wild Plant.
Quest Completed! Reward: 25 Mana, 15 XP
Perfect! That is a great start to a Fantasy land! Let's add a bit more to give it life with your next Quest!

Viney Time: Your magic is growing! Buy Wild Vines to accompany your plants!
Buy 3 Wild Vines I, Buy 2 Wild Vines II
Quest completed! Reward: 1 Wild Vine III, 15 XP
Magnificent! Your Fantasy area is gaining beauty every moment! Let's continue it!

Clover Rover. There's just one thing missing - good luck!
Plant 4 Four Leaf Clovers, Gather 4 Four Leaf Clovers.
(Cost 300 Mana to plant. Yields 792 Mana. Net gain: 492 Mana.)
Reward: 1 KC, 10 XP
WOW! How lucky! Let's use your momentum to continue with your next Quest!

Magic Visitor
Your magic is attracting cratures to your Kingdom! Perhaps it's time for a
Buy 1 Faerie Dragon
Reward: 1000 Mana, 25 XP
He is so cute! What else can you accomplish now that you're learning magic?

Prepare for Desert. The grass is not always greener on the other hill, but the magic is! Buy 1 Stone Hill ~ small. (Cost 800 Mana. Gain 24 XP.) Reward: 2 Moss Step I, and 2 Moss Step II. (Total Value of reward: 800 Mana and 6XP.)

Deserted. It's time to prepare your desert. Buy desert plants to set the mood. Buy 2 Desert Plants I @ 225 Mana. Gain 5XP. Buy 2 Desert plants II @ 350 Mana. Gain 10XP. Reward: 1 Desert Plant III. (Value: 500M and 15XP)

Desert Surroundings. Your desert area is great, how about some surroundings? Rock, Large @ 300M. Gain 3XP. Rocks, Medium @ 200M. Gain 2XP. Madagascar Tree @ 650M with 60M gathered every 4 days. Gain 5XP.
Reward: 350M. 15XP.
Just what was needed, now...some sparkle! Get crystals in your next quest!

Crystal Garden. Now, for some final touches, Crystals will do nicely.
Buy 1 Red Crystal @ 600 Mana. Gain 1XP.
Buy 1 Green Crystal @ 600 Mana Gain 1 XP.
Buy 1 Shadow Crystal @ 750M. Gain 2XP.
Reward: 100M. 15XP.
They are just great! Let's see if we an make a garden out of them! Cost of Crystals: 1950 Mana. Net Loss: 1850 Mana.

Crystal Creations. Your desert crystals are inspiring, how about an entire Crystal Garden? Halo Crystal @ 750M. Gain 2XP. Crystal Ball @ 2,200M. Gain 22XP. ScryingPool @ 3,000M. Gain 125XP. Reward: Scrying Pool. 25XP. Fantastic! I think you're ready for even more challenging magic with your next quest. Your Cost: 5,950 Mana Net Loss: 2950 Mana.

The Dark Side
There is also a dark and beautiful side to magic! Buy a Creepy Hill to see it!
Buy 1 Creepy Hill (Cost: 625 Mana. Gain 25XP.)
HINT: Hills are a good way to enhance the beauty of your Kingdom without taking up more space!
Reward: 1 Medusa Statue, 20 XP (Value 5KC, 45XP)
Your Hill is certainly creepy! Place your Medusa Statue from your Gift Inventory to take it even further!

It's Getting Darker
Creepy is beautiful, too! Buy Dark Wood Trees and Dark Wood Crates to see.
Buy 3 Dark Wood Trees (Cost: 350 Mana each. Gain 5XP. Gather 30 Mana every 3 days)
Buy 1 Crate, Dark Wood (Cost: 30 Mana. Gain 15XP. )
Reward: 3 Dark Fences, 15 XP
Ooooo, creepy! Use the dark Fences in your Gift Inventory to contain the creepiness!

Darkness is Growing
Your creepy magic has created creepy life! Buy Creepy Vinew to see even more!
Buy 3 Creepy Vines I
Buy 2 Creepy Vines II
Reward: 2 Creepy Vines III, 20 XP
The Vines are still growing! Check your Gift Inventory to find even more!

Slightly Lighty
Let's add a bit of light but not take away any creepy.
Buy 2 Spooky Lightposts
Reward: 75 Mana, 35 XP
Great work! It's now time to turn our attention to the stars! Look at your next quest to find out why!

Once upon a Star!
Plant 10 Earth Stars, gather 10 Earth Stars
Quest Completed!
Reward: 350 Mana, 10 XP
Wonderful job! Creatures of all kinds are beginning* to notice the beauty on your Kingdom!

*Sneaky Games spelling error: beginning spelt beggening

Credits: Thanks to my HM/RF comrade and friend, Cherie for her contributions to this list.