March Quests in Fantasy Kingdoms

With the advent of the gorgeous multi-hued Mardi Gras Masque Crops, new Quests appear as well. Please note that, like the Valentine Quests that appeared in February, ALL Quests are connected to some extent. You will not be able to access the new Quests for March if you have not completed the earlier Quest sequences.

Magical Helper
Buy a Unicorn creature from the Market to gain a magical helper!
Buy 1 Unicorn creature
Reward: 1 Unicorn Topiary, 50 XP
He's so cute! And good luck too! Check your Gift inventory for a special Unicorn-style reward!

Helpful Gifts
Place the Unicorn Topiary from your Gift Inventory onto your Kingdom.
Place the Unicorn Topiary
Reward: 1 Magic Coin, 25 XP
Perfect- it looks great! Here is a Magic Coin Reagent to aid in your learning to Spell-craft!

Phoenix Rising
Powerful magic can be gathered from Isdyle's beautiful Phoenix Trees.
Buy 5 Phoenix Trees
Rward: 2500 Mana, 20 XP
Harmpny is extremely pleased to see you including Phoenix Trees on our kingdom!

The Big Gather
Quick! Gather Mana from Trees and Crops to unlock another great reward!
Gather any 25 Crops
Gather any 10 Trees
Reward: 3 Dargon Scales, 3 Copper Ore
Dragon Scales and Copper Ore can be used to Spell-craft more space in your Storage inventory!

Gifting Trees
Get the following three Trees from your Neighbours and place them on your Kingdom
Place 1 Crabapple Tree
Place 1 Frankincense Tree
Place 1 Swamp Wood Tree
Reward: 2 Locust Trees, 2 Blood Willow Trees
Great - be sure to ask your Neighbours and Friends for more Gifts! They are often very helpful!

Visit your Neighbours!
Repay your Neighbours' generosity by Visiting their Kingdoms!
Visit 3 Neighbour Kingdoms
Reward: 2 Aged Cauldrons, 1 Enchanted Tree

Genie Time
Summon a Genie from the Mystery Gift lamps given you by your Neighbours!
Place 3 Mystery Gifts
Reward: 1 Ice Phoenix Tree, 2 Candy Cane Trees
Those Mystery Gifts sure are powerful! Those Genies left you with a few extra prizes it seems!

You Need More Mana!
There are many magical things in the Market! Gather Crops for more Mana!
Gather any 50 Crops
Gather any 10 Trees
Reward: 1 Wildflowers, 2 Blue Moonflowers
Perhaps with so much magic on your hands, you could use some beautiful flowers!

Elephants Never Forget
The Elephant Ears Crop is perhaps the least forgotten Crop in all of Isdyle.
Plant 25 Elephant Ears Crops
Gather 15 Elephant Ears Crops
Reward: 1 Medieval Coin, 4 Phoenix Fire
How thoughtful of you. The fates have awarded you some Reagents for Spell-crafting.

Toad Abode
Build a restful area suitable for some magical toad friends!
Buy 3 Toadstool Chairs Blue
Buy 3 Toadstool Chairs Green
Place 3 Toadstool Chairs Purple (Gift)
Reward: 1 Red Toadstool Chair, 1 Red Toadstool Table
Perfect! Harmony has given you a few more things to add to your growing Toadstool collection!

Capturing Toads!
Toads have been found on your Neighbours' Kingdoms! Go Get them!
Find 8 Magic Toads
Reward: 3 Purple Mushrooms, 3 Red Mushrooms
Mushroom-themed Reagents can be used while spell-crafting more Mushroom Items!

A New Path
Your Kingdom is growing and you need a path for your many visitors!
Place 3 Large Stepping Stones (Gift)
Reward: 1 White Light String, 1 Golden Lights String
Here are some light strings to light up your new stepping stone pathway!

Botany Specialist
Learn to plant Crops which have good ratios of Mana Yield and Experience
Plant 10 Fish Tail Fern Crops
Plant 10 Earth Star Crops
Plant 10 Elephant Ear Crops*
Reward: 1 Jolly Lady Gnome, 1 Jolly Male Gnome
Your magic gardens are growing! It looks like you could use a bit company in there - how about some Gnomes!

Harmony Needs You!
She wants you to visit her kingdom.
Reward: 1 Fall Crystal, 1 Spring Crystal
*Quest appears after your plant the 3 different Crops above

Snappy Dragons
Snapdragon Crops are known to have Wings in their blooms when you Gather them!
Plant 10 Snapdragon Crops
Gather 10 Snapdragon Crops
Reward: 1 Mushroom Tree I, I Mushroom House I
Your Snapdragons were just beautiful! Here are a few more helpful things to beautify your Kingdom!

Helping your Neighbours
Visit your Neighbours' Kingdoms to remove their mischievous magic!
Clean 4 Ogre Footprints
Clean 4 Wind-Scarred Ruins
Clean 4 Serpent Vines
Reward: 3 Orange Lilies, 1 Spider Web Tree
Wow that was a lot of work! Your Neighbours have thanked you with some rare magic flowers and Trees!

Pleasing Toadies
Now that you found magic Toads, how about you give them a home!
Plant 15 Toadstool Crops
Gather 15 Toadstool Crops
Reward: 1 Mushroom Ring, 1 Blue Mushroom Table
Harmony is amazed with your progress! She has ganted you two additional Mushroom decorations!

Toad Frenzy
The Toads are demanding more magic. Gather Toadstools for them!
Gather 30 Toadstool Crops!
Reward: 2 Mushroom Trees II, 1 999 Mushroom Coin Reagent
Your dedication to the Mushroom magic variety has paid off! Look at what you've found!

Snappy Dragons
Snapdragon Crops are known to have Wings in their blooms when you Gather them!
Plant 10 Snapdragon Crops
Gather 10 Snapdragon Crops
Reward: 1 Mushroom Tree I, I Mushroom House I
Your Snapdragons were just beautiful! Here are a few more helpful things to beautify your Kingdom!

Become a Mystic
Your magical power is growing and you need a place to learn even more.
Place 1 Mystic's Tent (Cost: 4000 Mana)
Reward: 1 KC, 1 My Beloved's Gravestone
You are becoming quite mystical. Perhaps a bit more magic could push you to the next level!

Give Me a Sign!
Organise the magic on your Kingdom with a Set of Signs!
Buy 1 Metal Sign
Buy 1 Wood Sign
Buy 1 Stone Sign
Reward: 1 Gravestone Large, 1 Gravestone Small
Those were placed perfectly. Your efforts have been rewarded by the fates at hand.

Lock it Up!
The safest Crop of all has to be the stunning Hemlock Crops!
Plant 11 Hemlock Crops
Gather 11 Hemlock Crops
(Note that 'safest' is a pun on the name of the Crop and does not denote safety to humans or animals. Hemlock is the herb that Socrates drank to commit suicide as it is extremely poisonous.)
Reward: 1 Yellow Oak Tree, 50 XP
Your Hemlock crops were just beautiful! Harmony has awarded you a few more helpful and rare Trees.

Stop that Mandrake!
The Mandrake Crops may look menacing, but are actually very magical!
Plant 15 Mandrake Crops
Gather 15 Mandrake Crops
Reward: 3 Ghost Trees, 2 Spooky Hill - small
Here are a few Trees infused with darkness to add a bit more intrigue to your Kingdom

Snakes on a Plain
Plant 12 Snake Grass Crops
Gather 12 Snake Grass Crops
Reward: 3 Wild Herbs, 3 Blue Spellbooks
Fantastic! here are some more Reagents to be used while Spell-Crafting new magic!

Spider Milkweed
Place the Spider Milkweed Bushes given to you by your Neighbours
Place 3 Spider Milkweed Bushes
Reward: 1 Starburst Fireworks, 1 Spooky Lights
It's time to celebrate your success! Here are some fireworks and spooky lights to add flair to your Kingdom!

Harmony's Request
Harmony's requesting that you Gather Mana from Trees for a Reward!
Gather any 20 Trees
Reward: 3 Candy Apple Trees, 3 Yin-Yang Stones
Great Work! Here are a couple friendly rewards to help you continue creating your Kingdom!

Harmony's Second
Harmony's requesting that you Gather Mana from Crops for a Reward!
Gather any 100 Crops
Reward: 4 Sunset Trees, 1 Spider Hole
Here are some ancient items, steeped in Isdyle lore!

Harmony's Thrid (should be Third)
Harmony needs you to Plant enough Crops to create a magical garden!
Plant any 50 Crops
Reward: 2 KC (Kingdoms Cash), 5 Pink Phoenix Trees