Retired Quest Lists

Retired Valentine Quests

As of March, these Quests no longer are available.

Where's the Love? Plant 10 Roses and gather 10 Roses. Reward: 200 Mana and 50 XP
Love has been found! Let's see how far we can take this feeling!

Heart to Heart. Have a heart to heart with your kingdom! Plant 10 Candy Heart Crops @ 70 Mana ea. Gather 10 Candy Heart Crops @ 165 Mana ea. Reward: 800 Mana . 200XP. Heart throbbing beauty! Let's see how far we can take this feeling! Net Gain: 1750 Mana.

Chocolate Craving. Plant 10 Valentine Chocolates @ 55M. Gain 2XP. Gather 10 Valentine Chocolates @ 135M. Reward: 400M. 100XP. Your craving has been fulfilled! But it won't last long, plant more quick!. Net Gain: 1200M.

Feelin' the Love! Feel the love the smell of Roses can provide! Plant 25 Rose Crops. Gather 25 Rose Crops. Reward: 4 Rose Trees. 25 XP. Amazing! Your roses are just lovely! How many more can you plant? Net Gain: 4400 Mana

My Kingdom Hearts. Plant and gather your kingdom's Heart Candy! Plant 25 Candy Heart Crops @ 70M. Gain 3XP. Gather 25 Candy Heart Crops. Reward: 4 Rose trees. 25XP. Fantastic job! Perhaps just a even more (a even more....error on sg part) Candy Hearts Crops would do your kingdom nicely! Net Gain: 4775M.

More, More, More! Can't get enough Chocolate! Plant and gather more! Plant 25 Valentine Chocolates @55M. Gain 2XP. Gather 25 Valentine Chocolates @ 135M. Reward: 1 Romance Willow Tree and 1 Love Bug Tree. Here are a few lovely trees to make your kingdom more lovely!

Spread the Love! Plant 50 Rose Crops @ 40M. Gain 1XP.. Gather 50 Rose Crops @ 120M. Reward: Rosey Heart and 25 XP. Awesome! Your roses are just beautiful! One more set could be very delightful!

ove Hurts. Make your kingdom lovely with 100 Rose Crops! Plant 100 Rose Crops @ 40M. Gather 100 Rose Crops @ 120M. Reward: 2KC and 100XP. What a beautiful rose garden you have created! Here is a little something for making such beauty!

Heartfelt. Do some Heartfelt planting and gathering! Plant 50 Heart Candy box @ 55M. Gather 50 Heart Candy Box @ 165M. Reward: Box of chocolates for spell-crafting and 25XP. Use this Candy Heart box to spell-craft wonderful a treasure!

So Delicious! Plant 50 Valentine Chocolates @ 55M. gather 50 Valentine Chocolates @ 135M. reward: Box of chocolates for spell-crafting and 25XP. Those were delicious! Here is a box of chocolates that can be used to spell-craft a magical treasure!

Taste of Heaven: Plant and gather enough Chocolates to taste Heaven. Plant 100 Valentine Chocolates and gather 100 Valentine Chocolates.

Credits: Thanks to my HM/RF comrade and friend, Cherie for her contributions to this list.