Friday, July 9, 2010

Three Month Anniversary Celebration and Sad Farewell

I had suspected that Fantasy Kingdoms was a fairly new game and this was confirmed when I visited their page on Facebook and read an announcement to the effect that the game was celebrating its three month Anniversary.

New options appear constantly in Fantasy Kingdoms but I was saddened to discover that Items may be discontinued without notice as well. I should have understood, however, that the Sunflower was a part of the Summer Solstice Collection and there were many notices to the effect that those items were temporary editions.

Ordinarily, in real gardens, I am not terribly fond of Yellow or Orange Flowers. The Sunflower is NOT a personal favourite in the 'real world'. I believe the reason for this is my dislike of heat in Summer. As the Summer heat becomes unendurable, the season of the Sunflower and other Yellow and Orange Flowers begins and the Purple and Blue Flowers of late Spring that are my favourites tend to wither away or disappear. In Fantasy Kingdoms, however, the Sunflower is one of my favourite Crops/Flowers. Its luminous sun-like golden Lamps makes any Kingdom breathtakingly beautiful. When Enchanted (fertilised) by a Neighbour, they become larger and even more stunning.

Alas, I no longer can find the Magical Potion (Seeds) for the Sunflowers at the Market. As of yesterday, they appear to have been discontinued, at least for the time being.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Option of Spellcasting in Fantasy Kingdoms

As new options continue to appear regularly whenever I access Fantasy Kingdoms, it is evident that the creators are lavishing attention and love on this game. Rather to my delight, a new background 'Map' appeared behind the Kingdom screen this morning. A new Spellcasting Option had been added, allowing a player to craft an expansion to storage using three items. Two of the items are Free Gifts introduced only today. The third is a Magic Coin that will be sent to you by Harmony, your default Neighbour and the Guardian of the universe in which your Kingdom is placed.
You need only 1 Coin to perform the Spell, but you will need 15 Copper Ore and 15 Blue Dragon Scales.

As two of the three items can be obtained only as Free Gifts, you should try to persuade at least one member of Facebook to become your Neighbour in Fantasy Kingdoms. The game itself has a page on Facebook where Contests and new Items are announced and where players can request other players to become their Neighbours.

The Option to expand your Storage may or may not be thrilling, depending on the length of time that you have played Fantasy Kingdoms, but I suspect it is simply the first volley in a wonderful ongoing magical experiment.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tree Lists in Fantasy Kingdoms


Dreamcatcher Tree
Cost: 8 KC
Harvest in 2 Days
XP Gain: 4
Yield: 95 Mana
Available at Level 1

Ash Tree
Cost: 325 Mana
Harvest in 3 Days
XP Gain: 5
Yield: 28 Mana
Unlock at Level 2

Dark Wood Tree
Cost: 350 Mana
Harvest in 3 Days
XP Gain: 5
Yield: 30 Mana
Unlock at Level 5

Dogwood Tree:
Cost: 500 Mana
Harvest in 4 Days
XP Gain: 5
Yield: 47 Mana
Unlock at Level 4

Golden Leaf Tree
Cost: 425 Mana
Harvest in 4 Days
XP Gain: 5
Yield: 40 Mana
Unlock at Level 3

Madagascar Dragon Tree
Cost: 650 Mana
Harvest in 4 days
XP Gain: 5
Yield: 60 Mana
Unlock at Level 8

Phoenix Tree
Cost: 750 Mana
Harvest in 5 days
Yield: 75 Mana
Unlock at Level 10

Poison Apple Tree
Cost: 27 Kingdom Coins
Harvest in 2 Days
XP Gain: 20
Yield: 159
Unlock at Level 3

Rainbow Dryad Tree
Cost: 30 KC
Harvest in 3 days
XP Gain: 25
Yield: 167 Mana
Unlock at Level 6

Rowan Tree
Cost: 225 Mana
Harvest in 2 days
XP Gain: 5
Yield: 18 Mana
Available at Level 1

Weeping Willow Tree
Cost: 475 Mana
Harvest in 3 days
XP Gain: 5
Yield: 41 Mana
Unlock at Level 7

Free Gift Trees

As in most Facebook Farming Simulation Games, many Trees cannot be purchased but must be obtained as Gifts. Free Gifts are a method of social interaction between Facebook users. In most games, ony one Gift can be sent each Day by any Player to a specific individual. There are no such restrictions in Fantasy Kingdoms. The following are the Trees that can be sent as Free Gifts to another player:

Crabapple Tree

Dryad Tree

Ghost Tree

Frankincense Tree

Locust Tree

Silver Leaf Tree

Swamp Wood Tree

Swamp Gum Tree

Sunset Tree

Item Level Changes in Fantasy Kingdoms

This is a brief note to inform players of changes in Level Requirements with respect to items listed in the Guide. Rather to my surprise, in adding new items to the Lists, I discovered that the Level Requirements I gave initially for a number of Items no longer were valid. It appears that more Items now are available at Level 1. I have revised the Guides and Lists accordingly.