Thursday, April 7, 2011

1st Anniversary Quests

1 Year Kickoff

Kickoff the 1 Year Anniversary Fair with a Red Anniversary Flag!
Buy 1 Red Anniversary Flag! Cost: 1000 Mana

Reward: 500 Mana, 1 Anniversary Flag Blue

Contratulations! You've helped bring magic to the 1 Year Fair! Complete more Quests to Craft the Harmony Doll Spell!

Build a Garden I

Build a Garden for your Creatures to relax!

Buy 1 Medium Blue Flowerbox
Buy 1 Medium Red Flowerbox
Buy 1 Medium Yellow Flowerbox

1,800 Mana each
Reward: 1000 Mana, 50 XP
Great work! Let's add to your Garden with some Gifts from Friends!

Hot Air Balloon!

Create a launching pad for your Hot Air Balloon!
Buy 1 Small Fairgrounds 3500 Mana
Place 1 Hot Air Balloon (Free Gift)

Reward: 1 Lotus Flower, 1 Entertainment Sign
That balloon will surely come in handy for creatures from faraway lands!

When you have completed the first Quest, the next three Quests should appear as follows:

Build a Garden II

Your friends can Gift you beautiful small Flowerboxes to ad to your Garden!

Place 1 Small Blue Flowerbox (free Gift_
Place 1 Small Red Flowerbox
Place 1 Small Yellow Flowerbox

Reward: 1 Lotus Flower, 50 XP
That looks beautiful! here is a Lotus Flower Reagent for your Harmony Doll Spell!

Create a Picnic!
Buy 1 Festival Table
Buy 2 Festival Benches
Buy 4 Festival Hay Bales

Quest completed!
Harmony is pleased with the preparations you have made! Here is an Umbrella to add to your Picnic Area!

1200 Mana
1 Festival Umbrella

Trumpet Flowers I
Trumpets sound to ring in the 1 Year Fair!

Plant 10 Trumpet Flower Crops
Gather 10 Trumpet Flower Crops