Monday, August 9, 2010

New Quests in Fantasy Kingdoms

New Quest options have been added to Fantasy Kingdoms and will be found in the upper left corner of your screen when you load the game. The initial Quests are in the nature of a farming tutorial actually and players at high levels may not be entirely thrilled with them unless they realise this fact. More complex, advanced Quests will follow when players have 'cleared' all the initial Quests.

Before you begin, you will be asked to visit Harmony's Kingdom. This is the prelude to the Quest sequence. As soon as you arrive, you will receive your Reward of 75 Mana and 10 XP. If you deal with whatever pests infest her Kingdom and enchant five Crops, you will receive the usual Mana and XP for those actions. Make a Wish at the Wishing Well before you leave. When you return home, you will find your first real Quest on the screen.

The first Quest is to harvest four Crops. If you are a regular player, you always will have Crops that are ready to be harvested. If not, plant Fresia and wait four hours to harvest it. Your Reward is: 25 Mana and 5 XP. You will be asked if you wish to share the Mana you have earned. If you do, a message will appear on your Wall, allowing other players to claim a bonus of 100 Mana.

Your second Quest will appear when you have completed the first. You now need to infuse four Plots and plant four Crops. Your reward when you have completed both tasks is 50 Mana and 5 XP.

The third Quest is a three-part sequence. You need to infuse four Plots, plant four Crops, then harvest Mana from three Trees. Again, a regular player should have no trouble in finding three Trees that are ready to be harvested. A new player either ccan purchase Trees and place them, or send/receive Gift Trees and place those. You will be required to wait until they are ready for harvest before you can complete the Third Quest. The Reward is 50 Mana and 5 XP.

When you have completed the third Quest, you will see a new prompt:

'Time to clean up the Kingdom: Mana has fallen from the sky. Keep your eyes out for them.'

Three silver stars will be on the ground in random locations on your land, rather like the Monstrous Toads or other creatures and items that appear on Neighbours' Kingdoms. An arrow pointing downward will mark the position of each if you have trouble seeing them. When you have collected three Fallen Stars, this task or Quest will be completed.

Build a Kingdom is the next Quest. It consists of a requirement that you purchase the following items from the Marketplace:

Buy a Country house
Buy 5 Crates
Buy 4 Fences

Incidentally, 'buy' signifies precisely that. You must obtain the items from the Marketplace. A Neighbour's Gift of an Aged Wooden Fence will not be recognised for the purpose of this Quest, even when placed on your Kingdom.

The reward for completion of this Quest is 50 Mana and 10 XP.

Travel the Land
It is time to see what your Neighbours are doing with their Kingdoms!
Visit your Neighbours 0/3
Chase Toads Away: 0/6
Clean Ruins 0/6

When the Quest is completed, you will gain a Reward of 50 Mana and 10 XP. Note that each Monstrous Toad and each Wind-Scarred Ruin counts, so if one Neighbour has 3 Monstrous Toads and another has 3, that will be sufficient to clear that aspect of the Quest.

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