Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being a Good Neighbour

This post may be more useful to beginners than veteran players, but even an individual like myself who has been playing Fantasy Kingdoms for many months sometimes discovers that she has misinterpreted gameplay options.

In your initial tutorial from Harmony, you will be instructed in the manner in which you can visit each Neighbour on a daily basis to enchant a total of five of his/her Crops as well as ridding the Kingdom of a randomly specified number of pests. This provides your Neighbour with the benefit of Enchantment and provides you with some income and often a Reagent for Spellcrafting. Visiting Harmony offers an additional reward in the form of the Wishing Well which has a five-day cycle, giving more valuable Gifts each day until a new cycle begins.

As in Farmville, you can enchant any infused plot even if a Crop has not been planted yet. What beginners may not realise initially is that you can provide an even more valuable service sometimes to a Neighbour if he/she has allowed any Crops to become bewitched. You can choose to unbewitch five Crops rather than enchanting five others, or can divide your allotted actions between enchantments and unbewitchments.

The developers of Fantasy Kingdoms never allow the grass to grow beneath their feet in creative terms and add new options to the game constantly. Fairly recently, the option to publish an announcement of a new purchase from the Marketplace was added to the game. It was here that I made an error in comprehending the purpose of these announcement. To me, it smacked too much of bragging, especially when the Item purchased required Kingdoms Cash rather than Mana. I am not the only player who cannot afford to buy Kingdoms Cash very often and I felt that it was not very kind to brag of any new Items I had purchased with my supply of Kingdoms Cash.

Of course, the primary reason for offering this option is to advertise the game and the Items that are available in the Marketplace. Even regular players may not be aware of every Item that currently is for sale. Where other players are concerned, however, such an Announcement offers a potential monetary benefit. You will be awarded 150 Mana if you are the first player to click on an Announcement of this sort.
A player who purchases a new Item therefore will be a good Neighbour if he/she posts the Announcement on Facebook.

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