Monday, January 31, 2011

New Quests in Fantasy Kingdoms

At the end of January 2011, Fantasy Kingdoms added a new Quest sequence primarily for beginners, although the Quests will appear in the upper left corner of every player's screen. For players who are not familiar with the game, the Quests will familiarise you with the system of infusing land, planting Magical Crops and harvesting them as well as purchasing Trees, Castles and Decorative Items from the Marketplace. The Quests include landscaping in the form of paths, water and water plants. Rewards do include a few Items that no longer are available in the Market, such as the Dryad Tree and the Silver Leaf Tree. Mana Rewards, however are very small and will not reimburse you for the amount of Mana spent in completing the Quests. Nonetheless, you will gain Experience Points and this will allow beginners to 'level up' faster and unlock new Crops.

For a veteran player, the Quests may be inconvenient, especially as they arrive at a time when many new Crops for St. Valentine's Day as well as a number of decorative Items have been released. Furthermore, the Winter Collection is about to be retired and I, for one, would prefer to use my Mana, space and energy on the Winter Items, Lunar New Year and St. Valentine's Day Items. From my own perspective, it is too bad that Sneaky Games did not delay the new Quests until the middle of February. There is no space to grow the mandated Crops for the Quests and they wreak havoc with my landscaping themes. The Quests, as they are completed, tend to multiply, taking up the left margin of the screen, ruining the view of my Kingdom. Anyway, I suppose they will be welcomed by new players if not by all of the players who have more than sufficient Country Castles, Wells and Stone Benches.


  1. Our apologies for the inconvenience! We have added a lot of new players in the last month and we wanted them to have the benefit of instructional direction through these quests.

    Please excuse the frustration! But don't worry - you do not have to complete these quests on a timeframe - you can wait until mid-February to tackle them!

  2. Thank you, Billy Cain for your comment. I know that SneakyGames always has been very responsive to players' concerns and opinions. Fantasy Kingdoms is an extraordinary game, but many of us love it precisely because it allows us to express our individuality and our secret visions using items that speak to our souls. Players are willing to invest real money in the game, even when it involves some personal sacrifice, because they BELIEVE in you. I have noted the rapid increase in the number of players recently and for new players, these Quests could be entertaining and useful, but many 'veteran' players who have been faithful to FK for a long time are finding them intrusive.