Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Spellcrafting Item in Fantasy Kingdoms

New to Fantasy Kingdoms is the very enchanting Ice Queen Statue who can be purchased in the Marketplace for 9 KC or created in a new Spell that requires 5 Amber Shards, 15 Aurora Crystals and 1 Winter Coin.

Aurora Crystals are a new Free Gift that can be sent to other players. Amber Shards appear to be found solely in Mystery Gifts which, incidentally now often hold Limited Edition Holiday Items that no longer are available in the Marketplace. Among these are the Small Snowflake and the White Lights.

Winter Coins can be obtained via the Daily Fortune from Harmony.

The advertisement for the new Winter Magic Statues declares that the 'Ice Queen can also be crafted with Reagents gifted from your friends or found on your Kingdom' and I finally was able to obtain an Amber Shard by gathering Mana from Artifacts and Trees on my Kingdom.

The creators of Fantasy Kingdoms have been extremely busy during the past couple of months. Christmas Items and Landscapes were followed by special New Year creations. As soon as the New Year Items were 'retired', new WInter Magic Items appeared.

Despite the fact that the climate in which I live has been rather brutally cold recently, I still delight in the Winter Wonderland landscapes of Fantasy Kingdoms. Frozen waterfalls and streams and a frozen lake are among the natural landscape items that can be used to create a snowbound Kingdom using the Snow Terrain. The fact that five Kingdoms now can be owned by a single player means that players can have Kingdoms that are ruled by every season.

Later: A new Limited Edition Crop was released this evening in the form of Snowflakes. It costs 45 Mana, takes one day to mature, yields 160 Mana and 2 XP AND, according to a new announcement, drops 'Winter Reagents'. I suspect this is the other source of the Amber Shards that are needed for the Ice Queen Statue.

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