Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Answers to the Most Common Questions

First of all, there is a tab at the top of this page that leads to my actual Walkthrough/Guide for Fantasy Kingdoms. Posts such as these should not be confused with the actual Guide. Here, however, are some quick answers to the most common questions:

1. How do I change Snow Terrain back to Grass Terrain?

Answer: Go to Upgrades. You will see the option to purchase Grass Terrain for 500 Mana. If your Terrain is Grass and you wish to change it to Snow, you will find an option to purchase Snow Terrain for 1000 Mana in the Upgrades Menu.

Note: Transforming your terrain to Snow originally was one of the Quests in the Holiday Quest sequence. Those Quests no longer exist, but Ice/Water is one of the Fantasy Kingdoms Elementals and thus, it is possible to transform your entire landscape to Snow in honour of the Ice Elemental Guardian.

2. How do I rid my land of Crops or Infused Land that I no longer want?

Answer: There is a Whirlwind Icon in the pull-down Tools Menu that will allow you to 'sell' infused Land, uninfused squares and any other Item on your Kingdom. Note that you can simply click on Items to find a Sell option but land that has been infused (whether still infused or left after a crop has been gathered) can be 'sold' only by using the Whirlwind Icon.

3. How do I move Infused Land?

Answer: In the past, you could not move Infused Land but had to delete it or 'sell' it by using the Whirlwind Icon. Now, you actually can Move it by using the Directional Arrows Cross Tool in the pull-down Tool Menu. This Tool has arrows pointing in all four directions. When equipped, you can Move anything, including Items, Buildings, Infused Land and Land where Crops are growing.

4. Where do I find Spellcasting Ingredients?

Spellcasting is a fairly new option in Fantasy Kingdoms. Most Spells require three separate Ingredients. One of these usually is a special Coin. Methods for obtaining these Ingredients are as follows:
Free Gifts;
Daily Fortune;
Mystery Gifts;
Tending your own Kingdom by gathering Crops or harvesting from Trees and Artifacts;
Tending a Neighbour's Land (including Harmony's Kingdom) by ridding it of Pests and/or enchanting Crops;
Obtaining an Ingredient that is 'shared' in a Facebook Feed. Your Neighbours and Friends usually will post Fantasy Kingdoms Rewards, which will allow you to obtain Mana as well as special reward Items that include Ingredients for Spellcasting.

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