Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gifts for St. Valentine's Day

As many of my favourite Winter Gifts disappear from the Free Gifts Menu, some gorgeous St. Valentine's Day Gifts take their place. There are two new Trees that can be sent as Gifts to other players:

Romantic Willow Tree
Always & Forever Tree

There are two special mystery Gifts in heart-shaped Boxes:

Valentine Gift
Cupid's Gift

In particular, the Cupid's Gift is so exquisite that many players, including myself, hate to 'activate' it to discover the Item that it contains!

Here is a partial list of the Items that can be found in the two new Gift boxes:

Valentine's Gift:
Gremlin Doll - Female (green)
Love Bug Tree
You're Magic (Orange) Heart

Cupid's Gift:
Gremlin Doll - Male (red)
Heart Stone
Chocolate Box (Reagent)

Ordinary Mystery Gifts sometimes contain Valentine Items as well as some of the now-retired Winter Items, including:

White Roses (topiary)
White Petal Path
Ever After Heart (green)

Small Stalagmite
Winter Pine

Spellcrafting Reagents:

It may be useful to list the methods by which the Valentine Collection Reagents for Spellcasting can be obtained:

Chocolate Box:
By harvesting Valentine Chocolates Crop
By activating a Cupid's Gift

Red Rose
By harvesting Red Roses Crop

Charm Me (Pink) Heart
By playing FK 1 day in a row
By tending Harmony's Kingdom

Cloud Nine (Yellow) Heart
By activating regular Mystery Gift
By playing FK two days in a row

3 Wishes (Purple) Heart
By tending Neighbours' Kingdoms
By harvesting Artifacts
By playing FK three days in a row

Ever After (Green) Heart
By activating Mystery Gift
By harvesting Candy Hearts Crop
By playing FK four days in a row

You're Magic (Orange) Heart
By harvesting Trees or Artifacts
By playing FK 5 Days in a row

Rosey Heart
By completing the Love Hearts Quest

Note that many of the Reagents in FK can be obtained as a Daily Fortune as well. I have not logged those results specifically.

You can purchase Reagents from the Marketplace. They are found in the Upgrades section.

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