Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where is the Rabbit?

Emboldened by the knowledge that one or more developers from Sneaky Games actually may READ these posts once in awhile, after wishing all and sundry a very Happy and Most Auspicious New Year, I would like to ask: Where is the RABBIT???

Fantasy Kingdoms offered us a number of gorgeous Limited Edition Lunar New Year items but, although there is a Spirit Fox (who preys traditionally on little rabbits and other cousins of the adorable and helpless creature), there is no Rabbit to be found anywhere in the Marketplace. It is a curious omission, particularly in view of the fact that Fantasy kingdoms does appear to be very well-versed in comparative mythology and traditional Western magical lore.

The Rabbit, apart from being the zodiacal symbol of this upcoming Lunar Year for those who follow the Lunar Calendar, is the sacred fertility symbol of the Great Goddess. That is why Rabbits are associated with Easter, a time of resurrection and new growth.

In Northern Western mythology, the Rabbit was so important that she was given a vital role to play in Bouddica's final battle against the Roman Empire. Boudicca, it is said, released a rabbit before the attack.

It is not only in Northern Europe and China that the Rabbit has powerful associations. Ix Chel, the Moon Goddess of the Mayans, in her youthful aspect is depicted as a young woman holding a Rabbit. Ix Chel was goddess of Water, the Moon, Weaving and Childbirth. In other words, an aspect of the Great Goddess herself.

Delving into comparative mythology is a pursuit more suited to my primary site, 'Notes from Freyashawk', so I shall refrain now from adding more allusions to Rabbits in myth and religion.

I daresay FK will produce a proverbial 'Rabbit from the hat' to celebrate Easter, and perhaps that is why the Rabbit was not included in the Lunar New Year offerings. Nonetheless, one wishes that one could have a little rabbit to bring good fortune to all of us as we begin Year 4709 according to the ancient Chinese Calendar in use since 2600 B.C. (according to the Western calendar).

9 February: When I returned from a very long and protracted ordeal at the eye doctor today with slightly blurred vision, one of the first new Items I found in the Marketplace in Fantasy Kingdoms was a very dignified Rabbit Warrior! The quality of my screenshot leaves much to be desired, but you will be able to see one of my two new Rabbit Warriors holding guard over my Kingdom.

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