Wednesday, February 2, 2011

List of new FK Quests and their Rewards

It is the 2nd day of February and in Fantasy Kingdoms, many players are striving mightily to complete all of the Quests that rather suddenly appeared in the upper left corner of their screens two days ago. Those players who have completed Quests in the past may have expected a short finite list with Rewards that would more than compensate them financially for any Mana they invested. Such, however, is not the case where many of these new Quests are concerned. When the Quest involves Crops, compensation will be sufficient, but where the Quest requires the purchase of Items, you should prepare to invest rather significantly if you intend to complete all of the new Quests.

Incidentally, I have been assured by the developers that there is no time-limit on these Quests. Those of us who felt that we had to move quickly on them were mistaken.

One problem with the new Quests potentially involves landscaping and space. Veteran players usually have a plan in mind with respect to their Kingdoms, whether they own one Kingdom or five. With a Theme for each Kingdom, many of the Quest Items, especially Crops, may not fit into any scheme that the player has visualised.

For players at lower levels, the problem may be space. If a player cannot afford to purchase new Kingdoms or even to expand existing Kingdoms, where on earth will he/she plant all of the Quest Crops and place all of the Items unless he/she is resigned to a cookie-cutter Kingdom that will resemble the kingdom of every other player performing the Quests? One of the great joys of Fantasy Kingdoms is the ability to create unique landscapes, even though players are using the same objects to do so.

Those players who still are interested in items from the Winter Collection, incidentally, only have seven more hours to purchase them before they disappear from the Marketplace. In these circumstances, some players may choose to purchase the lovely Blooming Snowflake Tree for 1400 Mana instead of completing the Golden Opportunity Quest that requires a purchase of 5 Golden Leaf Trees for 425 Mana each. Granted that the Golden Leaf Trees are a third of the price, but five of them will cost 2125 Mana, almost sufficient to purchase two of the Snowflake Blossom Trees. Other Trees that will vanish seven hours from now are the Glowing Pine for 5 KC and the Winter Pine for 1000 Mana.

Later: The Winter Collection now has been retired.

Incidentally, there are many players who, with 5 Kingdoms, do not have the space to accommodate these Quests and who have destroyed the concepts they had for their Kingdoms:

Here is one quote from a player:

B.W: I have run out of space, have 5 kingdoms and they all are trashed, looks like Hoarders from

In my own Kingdoms, I tried to conceal the Chickens and Hens and the Eyes of Newt in particular from view by planting gorgeous Roses in front of them. The row of inappropriate plants felt like a dirty little secret planted in the very centre of my own private Eden. I did not want them there and I couldn't wait to harvest them.

Some players have purchased Minor Growth Elixir to speed the process of growth with respect to Crops they wished to remove from their doorsteps as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, when one lives in the real world on a very limited budget, investments in Kingdoms Cash are to be used judiciously and I would rather have some of the items I really adore than spend the money on an Elixir for Crops that do not appeal to me.

On the positive side, one of the developers has posted a comment on this site. I do have great faith in the creators of Fantasy Kingdoms and I believe that they will find a way to make these Quests less intrusive to the veteran players who would like to focus on the NEW items that titillate our senses and souls rather than being forced to plant Crops that do not fit into our personal themes or to purchase items that we own in triplicate perhaps...

For those who wish to know the cost of the Quests as well as their Rewards, I now have created a separate Page as there are quite a few of them! You will find the link on one of the tabs above this post.

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