Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mermaid Fountain in Fantasy Kingdoms

When one logs into Fantasy Kingdoms now, a forum for players is included on the lower half of the page. I noticed that some of the new players were asking about the Mermaid Fountain and when it was likely to appear in the Marketplace.

Although I do not know the answer to THAT question specifically, I do know that the Mermaid Fountain never was offered in the Marketplace except as the contents of a Treasure Chest. It was early last autumn that I was able to obtain mine by purchasing a number of Treasure Chests.

A Treasure Chest cost 10 KC in those days. I see the price now is 11 KC. For a time, the Portal Winds Artifact, the Mermaid Fountain and the Tree of the Fallen could be obtained in Treasure Chests. Now there are Faerie Dragon Treasure Chests that contain Faerie Dragons specific to Valentine's Day.

If any player has been able to find a Mermaid Fountain within the last fortnight or so by opening a Treasure Chest, please let me know! It is one of my all-time favourite items in Fantasy Kingdoms...

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