Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Faith is not Misplaced... FK Response

If you read my post about the frustration that many veteran players are feeling with respect to the new Quests, you may have noticed that a response was made immediately by one of the developers of Fantasy Kingdoms. This sort of sensitivity to players' concerns and needs is one of the hallmarks of the people who are involved in the creation of this game.

Some months ago, many of us experienced a dark day in FK when the delightful little dancing lights that indicated an Enchantment were replaced by a blue outline on the square where the Crop had been planted. Those of us who invested in the Elixir to be able to Freeze our Crops in order to create a ballet of tiny dancing lights throughout our Kingdom were very unhappy with the change. For others, who had complained that the little lights were a distraction, the glow was a perfect solution.

What did the developers do when they became aware that there was a significant number of players who were not happy with the change? They gave us the option to CHOOSE between the glow and the tiny lights.

I have suggested that, in the case of the Quests for Beginners, we should be given the option to 'hide' the icons that denote these many Quests. It would be wonderful if we could receive some sort of official dispensation from the Quests entirely but if that is not possible, the option to hide them, much as one has the ability to hide the Neighbour bar, would be an excellent solution.

I hate to say it, but the makers of Fantasy Kingdoms have created a bit of a quandary for themselves by creating a game that is rich in artistic merit and therefore cannot be considered simply another farming simulation game. Many players like myself play this game primarily to create magical landscapes where we can enjoy visions of an ideal that may not be available to us in our real lives. When one is directed to plant 10 X Crop or to purchase a specific Castle, it may feel as though our marvelous freedom to exist in our ideal landscape has been taken from us. There are people who live in communities or condominiums in the 'real world' where they are told what colours to use in painting the exterior or what plants and trees they can have. Fantasy Kingdoms never was like that. It offered us total liberty to do as we pleased, to plant and gather the mature Crops or to plant and freeze our Crops, to build Castles and citadels or to create a wild, rambling wilderness instead. We await new Crops and items with excited anticipation but we never have been forced to USE them if we prefer something entirely different.

It is only recently that Fantasy Kingdoms has given us the option to have up to five separate Kingdoms. Perhaps the developers felt that every player surely would have one Kingdom that was undeveloped at this point, free to be used to complete these new Quests. I have to say that I was very amused to discover that I am not the only player who, having obtained five Kingdoms, immediately landscaped ALL of them! There is no free space waiting to be filled by the Quest Crops...

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  1. A veteran player who has invested a great deal of time, energy and dare I say it, real money, in Fantasy Kingdoms sent this message in response to Mr. Cain's Comment:

    Mr. Cain,

    Regarding your last sentence: While it is thoughtful of you to give us to mid-February to tackle the quests, some of us simply do not want the quests at all.

    I suppose the quests are useful to new players if they need instructional direction. I, however, am not a new player and resent being forced to play quests in order to remove their icons off my kingdom.

    I am a frequent and long time customer who has spent and continues to spend USD on your game. (look it up) I am using an exorbitant amount of manna as well as USD (Growth Elixir) to delete these insipid quests off my map; but the dang things keep coming!

    Please give me and other veteran players the option to hide the quests. New players may also appreciate the choice because not all of them need "instructional direction."

    Thank You. Cherie Austin Johnson